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How can Hazzouri Psychology help your child?

Dr. Lauren Hazzouri views every child as a unique individual, who needs us to step in to identify whatever the problem is that is coming between her/ him and meeting her or his potential, whether it be academically, behaviorally, psychologically, and or socially. Being a parent, Dr. Lauren Hazzouri recognizes that as parents, we are only as happy as our most hurting child. Therefore, it is important that we work together to get your child’s needs met, so that your child can perform at her/his best, you can perform at your best, and your family can perform at its best.

How can Hazzouri Psychology help your adolescent or young adult?

Dr. Lauren Hazzouri is particularly skilled in treating adolescents and young adults. Adolescence is a formative period of intellectual, social, and emotional growth. It is a difficult time for the healthiest individual. As need for independence and level of responsibility increase, our adolescents and young adults face important choices that are available in today’s society. It is necessary that our adolescents and young adults learn the skills necessary to take responsibility for their choices and their actions. Dr. Hazzouri defines responsibility as the ability to respond to our environment, rather than react to it. Our goal is to provide the skills necessary to make good, solid choices that will lead us in the direction of being the best adolescent version of ourselves. Our goal is to learn the importance of integrity, as Dr. Hazzouri defines as doing the next “right” thing, even when nobody’s looking.

Esteemtown Workshop

Adolescence is a breeding ground for self-defeating thoughts, which lead to the inability to regulate emotions, and in turn, help us to engage in problematic behaviors that impair our ability to function at school, get along with friends, family, teachers, coaches, etc.

At Hazzouri Psychology, Dr. Hazzouri can help to identify the problem that is keeping your adolescent or young adult from reaching her/ his potential at school, at home and with friends. Dr. Hazzouri can help your adolescent with strategies to treat her/himself and others with kindness and respect.

How can Hazzouri Psychology help you?

Dr. Lauren Hazzouri firmly believes that each of us needs to learn the skills to handle life on life’s terms. The only thing that we can control is what we say and what we do. So, fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it), we cannot control our co-workers, our spouse, our children, or “the hand we are dealt”, but we can control how we respond to all of those things. Believe it or not, it is what we tell ourselves about ourselves and about “our hand” that keeps us stuck. If there is something that you feel is keeping you stuck, the next right step is to reach out and see what Hazzouri Psychology has to offer. You can’t think yourself out of a problem with the same head that thought you into it. At Hazzouri Psychology, together we can determine the type of support and tools that will help you to cope more effectively and improve your quality of life.

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What is the office like?
Hazzouri Psychology provides an environment that is comfortable and private. The offices are newly decorated. There is ample waiting room space. Parking is easy and free of charge, and the building is handicap accessible. Read more

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