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Identifying Problems, Creating Solutions, Changing Lives

Identifying Problems

In order to identify the problem that is helping you to feel sad, anxious, overwhelmed, or confused, the problem that keeps you from maximizing your strengths and performing at your best, the problem that is keeping you from forming meaningful relationships, I will begin by asking you various questions about your current concerns and your reasons for coming to the office. I will ask you questions about your current and past issues. I will ask you about your current relationships, important people in your life, as well as, important situations and events. Following our detailed interview, many times I administer standardized tools such as questionnaires, checklists and rating scales, so that we have objective data to add to the information gathered in our interview in our effort to identify the problem. The evaluation phase usually takes 2 sessions.

Creating Solutions

When we enter into a therapeutic relationship, our first task is to set up measurable goals for our work. With measurable goals, we can monitor whether or not our work is having the desired effect(s). I hope that our professional relationship will be one where you will receive the maximum benefit possible. The two of us need to work very hard in order to make that happen. I do not practice one specific therapeutic orientation. I decide the type of treatment based on the person and the problem. However, my treatment approach is primarily Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), meaning that most times treatment is geared to be short-term, helping you to modify your thoughts that lead to upsetting emotions and behaviors that keep you from meeting your potential. CBT is practical, rational, and helps you to gain independence and effectiveness in dealing with real-life issues. I strive above all else to be personable, compassionate, and determined to make a difference for you.

Changing Lives

While my treatment approach is primarily CBT, I come from a humanistic perspective, believing that each of us is born with everything that they need to get through life in a healthy and happy way. The goal is that by termination of your work at Hazzouri Psychology, you will not only have learned a skill set to deal with the problems that brought you to Hazzouri Psychology, but also that you will have a better understanding of yourself, be a person, who is able to take responsibility for her/his actions, have a sense of how to live in and not for the moment, know that you are inherently worthy and have value just because you are, and be one who can handle life on life’s terms. My hope is that through the therapeutic process you will learn to maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses and embrace the outcome with vigor.

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Hazzouri Psychology provides an environment that is comfortable and private. The offices are newly decorated. There is ample waiting room space. Parking is easy and free of charge, and the building is handicap accessible. Read more

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